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Study shows price comparison sector benefits from memorable adverts

Study shows price comparison sector benefits from memorable adverts

New YouGov BrandIndex data has revealed that memorable ad campaigns really work when it comes to companies operating in the price comparison sector of the UK.

The study found that ad campaigns that built momentum and become part of popular culture have distinct effects on the success of a business.

Meerkats and singers

Possibly two of the most famous examples in the UK are campaigns from Comparethemarket and GoCompare, which feature a wily meerkat and a bombastic operatic singer, respectively.

Moneysupermarket has also jumped on the bandwagon, with recent campaigns featuring a man wearing a suit jacket, women’s shorts and high heels, and another with a pole-dancing builder.

YouGov’s Ad Awareness Metric looks at whether a respondent has heard or seen an advert from a particular brand. The results show that original content and clever new concepts all play a part in the impact on viewers and also on the all-important word of mouth (WOM) exposure score.


YouGov Profiles allow advertisers to access accurate data that reveals how target demographic groups respond to campaigns.

Although financial sector companies such as the Big 4 of E&Y, KPMG, PwC and Deloitte don't undertake mass-marketed, high profile TV ad campaigns aimed at a wide audience, other financial sector service companies and comparison businesses are big players.

The latest YouGov Profiles found that the most likely demographic to be swayed by the approach taken by successful comparison campaigns is aged 40-54 and tend to describe themselves as ‘sincere’ and ‘reliable’.

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