Small UK businesses targeting Australia export market

Small UK businesses targeting Australia export market

Small UK businesses are targeting Australia’s export market, according to a survey by Royal Mail. The company surveyed 300 small retail exporters to see where they are sending their goods and found Australia to be a top spot for businesses.

According to the study, UK retailers are placing more focus on customers outside of Europe and are targeting affluent customers in English-speaking countries.


The study found that almost one in four of the retailers surveyed believe that Australia provides the greatest opportunity for export growth, compared to five per cent in 2015.

Dr Nick Hill, founder of UK-based pet technology company SureFlap, said that Australia is a “high-value economy” and that his company targeted the market because the brand offers premium products.

“Our first employee outside the UK was in New Zealand, specifically to target that market,” he said.

SureFlap generates over half of its £9 million turnover from export sales and has recently introduced a successful “cat curfew” product in some areas of Australia, enabling owners to set a time on their cat flap to keep their pet indoors. The product also helps to protect native wildlife.


According to PeoplePerHour, a website that enables freelancers to find work with companies, UK firms are also providing more digital services to Australian consumers in addition to selling products.

The company found that the number of Australian buyers of services searching for freelance services from the UK has increased significantly, rising to 50 per cent over the past year, with British writers, designers and web developers being the most sought after.

Australia was also found to be one of the hottest export markets for small businesses trading online last year, with the US taking the top spot.

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