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Seedrs teams up with NatWest to offer alternative funding options

Seedrs teams up with NatWest to offer alternative funding options

Seedrs has teamed up with NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to become part of the Capital Connections programme.

Through the programme, the crowdfunding platform will be joining a panel of funders to provide alternative finance solutions to business and commercial customers of NatWest and RBS in the UK who are unable to access the financial support they need through traditional funding routes.


Seedrs is currently the only equity-based finance provider on the panel, which features other finance providers such as iwoca, Assetz Capital, Funding Circle, Royal Bank of Scotland Social & Community Capital and Together.

Customers of NatWest and RBS will be able to have direct contact with funders that are part of the panel, and there will be no commission paid for referrals that are made by relationship managers.

According to Seedrs, the crowdfunding platform was selected by NatWest and RBS to join the panel because of the support that it has provided to early-stage businesses and businesses that are focused on growth.


Seedrs Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Jeff Lynn said that through the partnership, the crowdfunding platform looks forward to working with many more entrepreneurs with exciting growth-focused businesses across the UK to deliver the funding that they need from seed to Series A and beyond.

He added that it is encouraging to see a high street bank embracing fintech and recognising the importance of alternative finance for funding the start-up ecosystem in the UK.

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