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Scottish Government-backed digital academy hopes to help businesses

Scottish Government-backed digital academy hopes to help businesses

Scottish Government-backed CodeClan is the UK’s first digital skills academy that has received full accreditation.

It has just started an intensive four-month training programme for candidates, who will be transformed into capable software engineers after completing the course.


Based in Edinburgh, the academy has been successful in attracting applicants. The academy stated that it was attracting young adults between the ages of 25 and 35 who wanted to change careers. Its curriculum is based on the requirements of the digital sector, and it trains new and existing talent based on the demands of the industry. CodeClan also encourages its business partners to shape the curriculum to meet their business needs.

CodeClan opened its doors in October 2015 and is now reaching out to businesses that are looking for qualified and skilled software talent. The academy is also encouraging businesses to become part of its employer partner community.  

CodeClan CEO Harvey Wheaton stated that the employer partnership model is present across London and even the US. The training school offers intensive training to professionals and offers businesses an instant way to fill their talent gap.


Wheaton said that CodeClan primarily focuses on professionals who want to change their career. These professionals then approach CodeClan to do a training programme and get retrained as digital professionals.

Wheaton believes that the academy is offering an alternative method to address the digital skills gap in the country. 

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