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Recruitment company secures £350,000 to help 10,000 businesses

Recruitment company secures £350,000 to help 10,000 businesses

Recruitment platform Talendrone has secured a £350,000 investment to enable it to generate more income for UK recruiters.

The company, which specialises in recruitment in the IT sector, is hoping that the investment from Finance Yorkshire will help to benefit 10,000 companies.


Talendrone currently has access to 5 million candidates worldwide and aims to locate the best candidates suitable for vacancies in the IT sector using recruiters from across the world.

The service enables employers to quickly recruit new IT staff and also allows them to choose their level of commission.

The company is now hoping that the investment will help to boost its growth, allowing it to increase its 3,200 recruiters to 10,000 within the next few months.


IT specialist Aman Sood, who founded Talendrone in 2005, said: “As technology has advanced, the other recruitment technology companies are automating everything to reduce the dependency on recruiters. We are different.”

He added: “We believe that the recruiter community (which consists of hundreds of thousands of recruiters) still has lot of value to offer in quickly hiring the best candidates.”

Discussing Talendrone’s aims, Sood said that the company has a great platform, but it will not stop there. He added that it will continue to improve the system using the latest developments in order to keep clients and recruiters “delighted.”

He stated that the investment “endorses the potential growth for the business” and that he aims to ensure that the company pulls out all the stops to make it even more successful.

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