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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

Programme launched to show that London is open for business

Programme launched to show that London is open for business

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is to launch a programme to show that London is the best place to do business.

The “London Is Open” programme aims to show that London is continuing to welcome people that are looking to work, study or visit the city.


Khan will be visiting Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Warsaw in March to meet with business leaders, city leaders and senior politicians to strengthen London’s connections with the European cities.

He will be aiming to show that London continues to welcome talented people from overseas and will be highlighting the contributions that they make to the city. He is also expected to discuss London’s requirements from Brexit negotiations with senior EU representatives in Brussels.

Khan will also meet with business leaders to discuss how London will remain the best place to do business despite Brexit, and how the city will need to work closely with other European cities following the vote.

Khan is expected to confirm his “London Is Open” programme at an event for his International Business Programme, a scheme which provides support for high-growth businesses in London that are seeking export opportunities.


Commenting on the “London Is Open” programme, Khan said: “I want to take the message directly to Europe that London will always remain open to engaging, trading and doing business with our friends across Europe.”

He said that the UK’s connections in Europe are as important as ever, regardless of the decision to leave the EU, and the country will continue to work closely together for mutual benefit.

He added that London will continue to be the best place in the world to do business and that our collaboration with other major European cities will not cease

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