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Online business training platform launched for micro-businesses

Online business training platform launched for micro-businesses

An online business training platform has been launched for micro-businesses after research showed that companies are failing basic online health checks as a result of a lack of training.

The study, which was commissioned by 123 Reg, revealed that whilst 70 per cent of micro-businesses believe that digital skills are critical to the success of their business, over 85 per cent of micro-businesses in the UK lack basic digital skills.


The research also showed the barriers to getting online, with time, money and a lack of confidence being found to be the biggest ones.

Over 38 per cent of micro-businesses and 55 per cent of one-man businesses do not have their own website. The study also found that 73 per cent of micro-businesses do not advertise online, whilst 42 per cent do not have any form of digital presence.

123 Reg is now aiming to tackle the digital skills shortage by offering an online business training platform that is tailored for micro-businesses to help them to learn key skills.


123 Reg Digital Director Nick Leech stated that “Micro-businesses are time-poor and resource light, juggling multiple hats on a daily basis”, and that lengthy digital guides that may work for larger businesses are not right for them.

Leech believes that “What micro-businesses need is a more direct steer on the one or two things they should implement to help their businesses grow and thrive.”


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