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Next phase of Gloucester development to create 700 jobs

Next phase of Gloucester development to create 700 jobs

A further £100 million investment into the development of Gloucester city is expected to create 700 jobs.

Over 3,000 full-time and part-time jobs have already been created in the city following a £260 million investment from Peel Holdings.


Peel Outlets Managing Director Jason Pullen has now announced the final phase of the development, which he said was a ten-year vision.

He stated that this phase is “another £100 million worth of private sector investment”, and that it will add another one million square feet of accommodation space.

The company is set to start work on 20 acres of brown field site at Monks Meadow, which Pullen said will bring quality homes and a further 700 jobs to the area. This will bring the number of jobs created since 2009 to over 3,000, which Pullen described as “phenomenal.”

The company predicts that a further 771 jobs will be created by 2019.


According to Pullen, getting this far into the development has been “a huge battle” due to the company being unable to get leading businesses such as TGI Friday’s to move to the city.

The next phase will see the development of derelict areas and the regeneration of the St Ann Way business park.

Councillor Steve Morgan described the development as “immensely good news” for the area, and stated that it will be “a terrific image” to show that Gloucester is moving forward.

Plans for the development could be submitted to the council this month, and subject to planning, work on the land may begin in August.

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