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New taskforce to support small businesses

New taskforce to support small businesses

A group of entrepreneurial organisations have formed a small business taskforce, urging the Government to assist UK businesses and support labour market flexibility when Britain exits the EU.

The 13 organisations in this taskforce (including Enterprise Nation, Global Entrepreneurship Week, IPSE, and the Centre for Entrepreneurs) claim to represent over 1 million small businesses and self-employed workers.


The group is calling for the Government to ensure that certain key factors that help UK businesses to thrive will continue to be in place when Britain leaves the EU.

These factors include: a flexible labour market, no increases to national insurance, and consultations with small business representatives before the introduction of any further changes to tax.

The group is also calling for a review of funding and plans for how it will be used, as well as urging the Government to provide export opportunities for small businesses.


Outlining its aims in an open letter, the taskforce said: “As organisations representing small businesses of all shapes and sizes, reflecting the new world of work, from every region, we are committed to ensuring the UK retains its leading global entrepreneurship position.”

“We welcome the opportunity to work closely with government to ensure the small business base of Britain can continue to prosper, delivering economic and social returns to our country.”

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