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London named most popular destination for business travel, report shows

London named most popular destination for business travel, report shows

A report from Heathrow Express has found that London is the most popular destination for business travel.

The 2017 Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report found that 85 per cent of 2,424 business travellers have travelled to London for business.


The report also revealed the sectors with the most workers that have travelled to London.

Finance was found to be the top sector for London business travel over the past five years, followed by lawyers and the energy sector.

Out of the 85 per cent of workers that have travelled to London, 47 per cent of respondents said that they did so to attend a conference in the city.

London was also found to be the destination where business travellers spend the most during their business trip, with an average of £94 being spent per day.


Heathrow Express Director Fraser Brown said that this year, Heathrow Express reached the milestone of carrying its 100 millionth customer, of which approximately 60 million were business travellers.

He added that they are delighted to publish their first Business Travel Insights Report, which is an in-depth look into the behaviour of business travellers.

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