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London a top business location for SME executives, research shows

London a top business location for SME executives, research shows

London is a top location for entrepreneurs and business executives, with more than 60 per cent saying they would choose to base their business in the city, according to research from London Executive Offices (LEO).

The research also found that 57 per cent of UK entrepreneurs and business executives believe start-up businesses that are based in London have the best chance of success with an annual growth of 20 per cent.


The study revealed the top spots in London for businesses, with over 70 per cent of financial services companies saying they would choose to set up their business in Bank and Canary Wharf.

Financial services companies are also more likely to base their business conveniently close to their customer base. More than 25 per cent choosing to locate their technology start-up in London, while 10 per cent would choose King’s Cross, which is becoming a top location for tech businesses.

The study showed how London affects people’s opinion of a company, with more than half of respondents saying that having an office based in the city helps to create a better perception of their business.


Commenting on the study, LEO Commercial Director Beth Hampson said: “This research effectively shows the true value of a London business address, and that the capital remains the preferred location in which to set up and do business in the UK, with confidence remaining high in the London office market.”

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