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Government searching for UK’s first commissioner to help small businesses

Government searching for UK’s first commissioner to help small businesses

The Government is searching for the UK’s first small business commissioner to act as a “national champion for small businesses.”

Applications for the role are now open, and the Government is searching for candidates that will be able to provide the support that small businesses need in order to thrive.


The Government originally announced the appointment of a small business commissioner back in 2015 and is now searching in particular for candidates that have knowledge of small and large businesses and are able to resolve disputes and act as a spokesperson for small businesses.

The commissioner will help businesses facing barriers to growth, such as late payments, and will resolve payment disputes between small businesses and their customers, as well as providing general business advice and support.

Applications for the role will be held in Birmingham and will be open until 13th March. The successful applicant will be chosen by Secretary of State Greg Clark, with support being provided by a panel that includes Federation of Small Businesses Chairman Mike Cherry.


Commenting on the role, Small Business Minister, Margot James, said: “We are looking for an exceptional individual to help smaller firms resolve payment disputes and champion a culture change in how businesses work together.”

She added: “Addressing the barriers businesses face when scaling up and growing is an important part of a modern Industrial Strategy, and this appointment will play an integral role in ensuring small businesses have the support they need to thrive and grow.”

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