Good days at work help employees feel appreciated

Good days at work help employees feel appreciated

Over 85 per cent of UK employees who have more good days at work feel appreciated, compared to 60 per cent who do not have as many good days, according to a survey from Robertson Cooper and the Bank Workers Charity.

The report, titled ‘What is a good day at work?’, surveyed 1,500 working adults from the private and public sector in the UK and looked at how good days are linked to employee wellbeing, including mental and physical health, personal development and job satisfaction.


The research found that over 90 per cent of UK workers who have a good day at work are more likely to feel supported, compared to 79 per cent of those who do not have as many good days at work.

The study also looked at what workers in different sectors believe makes a good day at work, with 5 per cent of those who do not work in a bank citing a good work-life balance as a contributing factor, compared to 6 per cent of bank workers.

Having time for lunch was also found to help UK workers have a better day at work, cited by 1 per cent of bank workers and non-bank workers.


Robertson Cooper Head of Client Experience Paula Brockwell commented: “Work is no longer about just getting the job done and we need to ask ourselves more often, ‘did I have a good day at work?’ It’s a simple question, but it’s linked to a broad concept of employee wellbeing, including physical and emotional energy, health, sustainable job satisfaction and performance.”

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