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Financial services and banking among industries with happiest workers

Financial services and banking among industries with happiest workers

A study from workplace help platform Rungway has identified which industries in the UK have the happiest workers, with financial services and banking making the list. 

The study surveyed 2,000 employees in Britain to find out how happy they are in their job role. The figures showed that while 40% of UK workers are satisfied with their job, there is room for improvement.


The research found that 41% of people working in financial services are happy with their job, while 37% of people working in the banking sector are also satisfied, with both sectors outperforming industries such as retail and IT services.

Marketing also made the list, with 43% of people working in this industry saying that they are happy in their job.

The study also found that some Brits are ready to change their career, with 24% saying that they want to move on, while 23% feel that their job is a stepping stone to where they need to be. More than 20% of workers also said that they feel as though they are not learning anything new in their job role.


Commenting on ways to boost employee satisfaction, Rungway’s Founder and CEO Julie Chakraverty stated that it is vital that businesses implement ways that make it easier for workers to give feedback and suggestions, and also that businesses listen to this feedback and take clear action on it in order to create improvements.

She added that this will not only boost employee happiness but will also fuel their commitment and trust in the company, help employer brands and decrease talent attrition.

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