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Entrepreneurs reveal benefits of remote working in new research

Entrepreneurs reveal benefits of remote working in new research

Entrepreneurs have revealed the top benefits of remote working in new research from insurance company Direct Line.

The research revealed the best places for small business owners to work, with coffee shops being named as the top choice, cited by 27 per cent of respondents.


Restaurants are the second top choice of location for small business owners at 14 per cent, followed by bars at 11 per cent and parks at 8 per cent.

Other locations where entrepreneurs said that they have worked included airports and public transport, cited by 19 per cent and 18 per cent of respondents respectively.

The research found that 35 per cent of small business owners believe that the flexibility of working from different locations is the main benefit of remote working, followed by a better work-life balance at 32 per cent, increased productivity at 17 per cent, and lower operational and transport costs at 16 per cent.


Direct Line Business Manager Jane Guaschi said that many small business owners aspire to work in places that are creative and engaging and that the large number of Wi-Fi hotspots that are now available enables them to turn a high street coffee shop into a mobile business hub.

She added that the research shows that there are clear benefits of remote working – a better work-life balance and more flexibility are a couple of the advantages of mobile working, which is why an increasing number of small businesses are embracing it to drive productivity and lessen operational overheads.

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