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East Yorkshire Hub could create 3,000 new jobs

East Yorkshire Hub could create 3,000 new jobs

A new business hub in East Yorkshire could help to create up to 3,000 jobs.

Plans for the hub were put forward by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and Sterling Capitol, and permission has now been granted by East Riding Council.


The new development, which will be a 2.14 million sq ft expansion of Capitol Park in Goole, will help to create a variety of jobs and business space. It will also provide leisure facilities, car showrooms, and a hotel.

Mike Heydecke of Sterling Capitol said it is a “significant development for us, underlining our commitment to Capitol Park Goole.”

He added that the “exciting plans” will help to create much needed business space and jobs in the town, and that job creation is “at the heart of our plans.”

“We have developed some of the most impressive business parks in Yorkshire, with an excellent mix of tenants and facilities,” he said.


Indigo Planning is helping to develop the hub. Associate Director Nick Fillingham said that the developments, which will be called Goole36 and Capitol Park, will represent a “major opportunity” in the East Riding area.

He added that their location within the country’s largest enterprise zone is “a clear signal of the growth opportunities they represent” and that the creation of 3,000 jobs will be a “significant boost” to the local economy. 

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