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Deloitte's inbound deals worth £2bn

Deloitte's inbound deals worth £2bn

Deloitte’s 2015 M&A Update has revealed that the number of inbound UK deals the Big 4 firm is involved in has gone up by 10.6% in the last twelve months.

Manchester Evening News reports that the accountancy giant has had deal values treble over the same period. The company's Transaction Services team completed 18 transactions in the past year, totalling in excess of £2bn worth of business.

Cross-border deals

A number of cross-border deals included providing financial and tax due diligence on the £550m deal that saw Philippine-based food products manufacturer Monde Nissin acquire UK-based company Quorn Foods.

The trend of UK companies attracting the interest of overseas buyers shows no sign of slowing, which is good news for advisor firms like Deloitte.

The largest inbound investor in UK companies is still the US, with 181 completed deals during the first half of 2015, but it is followed closely by Europe with 152 deals.

Global interest

Deloitte partner Jodi Birkett, who leads the Transaction Services team, commented on the figures.

“There has been a global interest in UK businesses throughout 2015. The US has been traditionally strong with inbound investments but we are also seeing a growth in appetite from emerging markets such as China, India and Japan," she explained.

“The strong market conditions and growing economy means that businesses can go into 2016 with greater confidence, and we’re expecting a similar level of deal flow in the new year,” Birkett added.

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