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Crowdsourced Management Book of the Year launched in UK

Crowdsourced Management Book of the Year launched in UK

Award-winning book New Economy Business will be launched in the UK today after an innovative approach to its production.

The author Marga Hoek, who is CEO and founder of the Sustainable Business Association, used Creative Commons rather than traditional copyright licensing. She also used crowdsourcing to acquire information from over 325 CEOs, scientists, professionals, students and consumers.


After a successful reception by academics and business leaders in the Netherlands and winning Managementboek’s Management Book of the Year award in 2014, the global edition of the book is to be launched in the UK today (February 23, 2016) in partnership with Global University Systems. The first copy will be presented to Sir Roger Gifford, chair of the City of London Year of Green finance.

The book sets out the best practices for business in the 21st century, showing the contributions of the financial sector and how disruptive technology, digitalisation, and changing consumer behaviour are affecting the economy.

New economy

“We spoke to hundreds of experts about the business opportunities in the new economy – and what is required to lead a successful and sustainable organisation in the 21st century,” said Hoek. “I’m very happy to bring to the UK a book that shows how durable and profitable business cases gain success in a rapidly changing market and in an ever more internationally interconnected economy.”

Hoek is a former CEO and board member of several national and international companies, as well as Chairman and Founder of the Sustainable Science Association and Chairman of the Climate-KIC European venture competition.

Her aim for the book is to share her vision of the new economy and show what tomorrow’s economy will be, promoting ‘business as a force for good’. 

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