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Businesses form group to help UK’s small firms

Businesses form group to help UK’s small firms

A group of small businesses have teamed up to support other small companies and self-employed workers in Britain following the Brexit result.

The group has been formed to provide reassurance to small businesses and help them remain optimistic after the referendum.


Last week, Business Secretary Sajid Javid held what was described as “the first meeting of Britain’s business leaders since the referendum” by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

Small business network Enterprise Nation set up an event on the same day, which led to nine bodies agreeing to join forces to help small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Nation Founder Emma Jones stated that it is “more important now than ever before” for entrepreneurs to remain optimistic and look forward instead of backwards.

“We have come together to make sure small businesses can easily get hold of the information and advice they need during the current period of uncertainty,” she said.


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) was present at both meetings, and Chairman Mike Cherry said that the FSB will work with the government and other partners to make sure that the 5.4 million small firms in the UK get “the best deal for them.”

Cherry stated that at Javid’s meeting, the need for “immediate action” was stressed to ensure “economic stability” and that small businesses can continue to trade. 

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