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Boris Johnson unveils plans to create East London hub

Boris Johnson unveils plans to create East London hub

Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to create a business hub in East London. According to Johnson, the proposals will “transform further parts of the Docks and adjoining Beckton Riverside to become a world-class business destination.”

The proposals include recommendations for improved transport infrastructure and will help to create industrial space, as well as open up further developable land on the north banks, which could help to bring 24,000 homes and 60,000 jobs to the area.

Exciting ideas

A consultation for the Royal Docks planning framework was announced yesterday by Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Planning Sir Edward Lister.

According to Lister, with careful planning there is the potential to build on the work that has already been carried out on the Royal Docks and deliver “tens of thousands” more homes and jobs. He added that he hopes the consultation “brings forward exciting ideas about how we can further regenerate this historic part of the capital.”

Planning permission has already been secured by Chinese developer ABP to create “a large financial and business district” at the Docks, which will help to create over 20,000 jobs and boost London’s economy.

New era

Commenting on the new schemes, Johnson said: “This part of London was once a global standard-bearer for trade and industry and we are already bringing about a new era of prosperity with exciting schemes transforming Royal Albert Dock and Silvertown Quays.”

He added that the aim is to now take that success to a new level and “transform further parts of the Royal Docks, capitalising on the potential of Crossrail and other transport infrastructure improvements” in order to deliver more of the jobs and homes that are urgently needed in London. 

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