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Asia Pacific businesses creating opportunities for UK firms

Asia Pacific businesses creating opportunities for UK firms

A study from PwC has shown that more than 40 per cent of Asia Pacific businesses are looking for new mergers and acquisitions, creating opportunities for businesses in the UK that are looking to expand their business overseas.

The professional services and Big Four firm is urging businesses in the Asia Pacific region to invest in UK businesses as part of its support for GREAT, a campaign run by Britain’s Department for International Trade that aims to help overseas businesses boost their growth in the UK.


PwC has shown its support for UK businesses by helping to promote them to Asia Pacific investors at a recent GREAT festival, which was one of many international events organised as part of the initiative.

British businesses were given the opportunity to showcase their talents, technologies and innovations at the festival to increase their appeal to investors and have access to growth opportunities in key markets.

PwC highlighted the importance of the GREAT festivals, stating that the events are essential to the future of the UK economy. The firm’s research found that more than 30 per cent of CEOs in the Asia Pacific region are aiming to work with start-ups and entrepreneurs over the coming year, creating opportunities for SMEs in Britain.


Commenting on the firm’s involvement in the GREAT initiative, PwC Chairman for Asia Pacific and Greater China Raymund Chao said: “PwC is proud to play an instrumental role in this exciting series of events that will enable the sharing of innovation across industry, society and the community. As one of the key strategic partners, we are committed to supporting the UK as a premier destination for global trade, education and travel, and as an international financial centre.”


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