LSBF Marketing Faculty

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LSBF Marketing Faculty

Our people are responsible for creating the ethos of success in which the business leaders of tomorrow thrive.

Comprising highly qualified, seasoned business professionals and academics from around the world, our faculty are dedicated to ensuring students succeed in every endeavour, from gaining chartered accreditation to achieving career-enhancing qualifications.

On-hand to support you, they provide invaluable knowledge and insight, acquired from years spent at the highest levels of business and academia.

Faculty of Marketing

Markets are becoming increasingly globalised, so we understand that academic achievement is only one dimension of what makes a successful marketing professional. Our multilingual and multinational group of highly experienced lecturers have been active at the very highest level in the marketing industry. This means there are none more capable of shaping you into business leaders of your generation.

Ben Botes
Associate Lecturer
José Scheuer MSc
Associate Lecturer