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5 Community Health Careers ꟷ How To Get Started!

5 Community Health Careers ꟷ How To Get Started!

The healthcare sector is known for its ever-changing dynamic business platform, with newer specialities popping up in every corner of the globe. If the community health sector has caught your interest and you are passionate about building a career in it, then enrolling on a master’s of public health programme online might be the best academic for you!

With additional specialities being added within the realm of the healthcare industry each year, it can be confusing to select the perfect opportunity out of the extensive range of employment options that this field has to offer. Let’s have a look at the top five community health careers you can apply for after graduating with a master's in public health degree.


What Is Community Health?

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly altered the public health and healthcare industry. Healthcare has of course always been a vital field, but recently the majority of the population has seen this firsthand. Today, millions of aspirants seeking opportunities for research and management can find a career path in community health. Community health specifically addresses the health concerns of a wide range of populations such as children, the elderly, veterans and the homeless.

Choosing to study a master’s in public health degree in the UK is key to landing an entry-level position at international public health organisations and working alongside professionals possessing cultural expertise and industry-relevant skills. This public health domain emphasizes the geographic area of the patients and allows you to participate in case studies about long-term health solutions.


Importance Of Community Health

Community health is one of the crucial avenues of the public health sector that involves the process of policymaking, combating diseases that affect the masses internationally and locally, as well as educating the public to take preventative measures. To become eligible for community health jobs you must undergo a master’s in public health and become an industry-ready professional who is trained to analyse, protect and improve community health worldwide.


How Can You Start A Career In Community Health?

Community health career opportunities are available in non-profit and corporate environments. As a community health worker, you can expect to get hired by state-sponsored organisations or government entities. These are some of the primary steps to get started with public health jobs:

Education- adding a master's in public health qualification to your resume can help you acquire fellowships, internships or funding to participate in community health programmes. This is a great way to kick start your public health career and become qualified for further opportunities and advanced specialisations.

Work experience- although having a background in community health is quite useful when working towards public outreach efforts, experience gained during the practical training  of your master of public health curriculum can help you show your commitment to and expertise in community health

Licensure/certification- this step can be followed to increase your chances of gaining employment within the community health division. You may want to qualify for the professional certification of your specific home country or state, which can allow you to undergo on-the-job training, as well as learning how to speak a foreign language!


How Do I Get A Job In Public Health?

As public health workers are required to spend a lot of time communicating directly with families, groups and individuals to connect them with the resources they require, you mustenusre you have strong communication and people skills. Studying a master's in public health degree online can help you brush up on your communication skills and gain access to accurate information when helping those in need. Here’s a list of the 5 most popular career paths that public health graduates often choose:

  1. Family health services export- this is an administrative job role that allows you to manage high-level products within the health services department of international organisations. Your primary responsibility is to plan, coordinate and manage family health programmes, ensuring that client service standards are met.
  2. Community programme coordinator- this professional role will require you to oversee the life span of public health problems, from early drafting processes through its integration and concluding assessments. This profile serves as a point of contact for the public, health leaders and partner programmes.
  3. Epidemiologist- this public health career path will require you to analyse data to determine the cause of specific health issues by conducting specific studies on them. You will generally find work within health departments, academic institutions and laboratories where you can conduct research and case studies on infectious diseases that are impacting human health.
  4. Biostatistician- this community health job primarily focuses on developing the best methods to address particular public health issues and find probable solutions. You are expected to leverage complex mathematical formulas to interpret or analyse public health-related information regularly.
  5. Emergency management specialists this managerial role requires you to possess strong management and organisational skills to coordinate with paramedics, police officers, firefighters or other members of the emergency response team, during a disaster event.


What does an MSc in public health involve?

A master’s of public health online course typically involves everything to do with addressing systemic health challenges and preventative health care to secure the health of a community as a whole against any form of illness. The flexible post-graduate degree in public health offered by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) will allow you to break into the healthcare industry and land lucrative opportunities from a repertoire of exciting careers.

Become an expert at reducing the social transmission of any upcoming pandemic by hitting the apply button now!

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