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Sustainable Business


Siemens to buy Rolls-Royce energy assets for £785 million

Rolls-Royce is selling some of its energy assets to Siemens for £785 million, it has been confirmed. Siemens is solidifying…

British Airways Plans to Use Garbage as Fuel

British Airways is planning to break new ground by running flights powered by rubbish. The airline is hoping to change…

Does Coal Still Have a Place in the UK Energy Market?

UK Coal is seeking government support to keep itself afloat. But even if it survives, does the struggling company really…

Global Warming Impact Is Irreversible, Warns UN

UN experts have released a new report highlighting the serious consequences of man-made climate change. ……

To Frack Or Not To Frack?

Shale Gas – yes or no? As public opinion on fracking in the UK continues to be divided, we look…

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