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Sustainable Business


Exploring the potential impact of the Gatwick oil find

Areas local to Gatwick airport could benefit from the largest oil find in the last 30 years. After a well…

Green design could reduce energy bills

Could energy efficiency help businesses? We look into the impact sustainable design and green buildings could have on the UK…

UN report shows green energy investments rose 17% last year

Global investments in green energy surged by 17 per cent in 2014 to $270 billion. The world witnessed a strong…

One million homes could soon access newfound renewable heat

An interactive map has revealed previously hidden locations of renewable water source heat which could soon be heating up to…

5 innovative startups from Cleantech Forum 2015

Five top innovative startups have emerged from this year’s Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. The theme of this year’s Cleantech…

Small businesses in India receive sustainability advice from EU

Experts from the EU and UK head to India on a mission to give green guidance to SMEs. Green initiatives…

Britons back sustainability and green energy, reveals survey

Nature and the environment is especially important to the British public, according to a new survey. Nearly a third of…

Renewable energy investment rises in the UK

Investment in renewable energy is rising, putting the UK on track to meet its clean energy commitments. Clean energy in…

Citi promise $100 billion to battle climate change

The US bank Citigroup will commit $100 billion to tackle climate change over the next ten years. America’s third-largest financial…

UK’s first sustainable business park to be built in Kent

Planning consent has been granted for the UK’s first sustainable business park to be built in Kent. Plans to build…

Europe dominates global top 10 most sustainable cities list

The top 10 most sustainable cities are dominated by those from Europe and the UK. European cities fill most of…

Investment in nature will support UK economy, says report

The Natural Capital Committee’s report suggests investment in nature will encourage economic growth in the UK. Everybody should band together…

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