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Innovation & Technology


Protect Your Smartphone from Advert Malware

If you’ve got malware on your smartphone, it’s more likely to come from ads than any other source. Here’s how…

Microsoft Strikes Back: To Launch ‘Free’ Windows

In its first big move since appointing Satya Nadella as new CEO, Microsoft is launching a free or low-cost upgrade…

Introducing ‘Black’, Boeing’s self-destructing phone for secret texts!

Boeing is making a new smartphone specifically for defence and security staff – complete with a self-destruct function. The world…

3 Things Facebook Can Expect From WhatsApp

Facebook shocked millions of users with its record-breaking acquisition of WhatsApp and the future of social networks now looks very…

The Digital Currency Question: Is Bitcoin Here to Stay?

Ever since Bitcoin took off, investors have been worried about its prospects. It seems some of those fears may have…

Are Mobiles and Tablets Set to Wipe Out PC Shopping?

Fears have been voiced for years that online shopping could be the death of the high street. But it appears…

Google Capital Takes Aim at Education

Google’s new investment arm, Google Capital, is testing the waters in the education sector by investing in Renaissance Learning, the…

Facebook & Co.: Do They Have A Future?

The biggest social media networks – Facebook and Weibo – are beginning to lose ground. We ponder if they are…

Could Hybrid Mobile Apps Revolutionise Your Business?

Mobile applications have played a significant role in the way smartphones, tablets and desktops are used. They have redefined and…

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