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Education & Careers


Employment set to pick up for UK graduates; finance leads

Finance is at the forefront of an upturn in graduate recruitment this year, according to new figures. It’s an anxious…

More jobs for UK graduates prompts rise in hiring

Vacancies for graduates in the UK are increasing, figures show, prompting an uptick in hires. The past few years have…

1-in-5 UK graduates become millionaires, ONS study shows

Around a fifth of everyone who receives university education become millionaires, according to new figures. When students decide to go…

UK Finance Jobs Inch Towards 2008 Peak

After several turbulent years, the finance job market in the UK finally seems to be back on track. Since 2008,…

British Education Could Learn From Retail

There are many parallels that could be drawn between British retail and the education sector. Drawing parallels with traditional high…

Parlez-Vous Second Language? Those Who Do Might Be Smarter

At a time when UK’s (lack of) language skills and schooling performance are being questioned, an academic study claims that…

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