Show top companies what you can do


Show top companies what you can do

Show top companies what you can do

Get noticed and get the career you want – take the Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT). As a highly respected measure of aptitude, career skills and financial knowledge, the BAT gives you the chance to really impress employers in the financial world. In partnership with Bloomberg, we allow you take this test free of charge.

The Bloomberg Assessment Test is more than something you can highlight on your CV. Through the Bloomberg Institution Talent Search, companies can see your test results and alert you to job opportunities, effectively headhunting you.

  • Gain recognition for your skills and knowledge
  • Receive vacancy notifications from top employers
  • Take the test free of charge

Taking this test will present you with countless career opportunities. Companies search through Bloomberg Assessment Test results to find those with the aptitude, career skills and financial knowledge they need.

These companies can then contact you with vacancies through Bloomberg. Your contact details will only be revealed when you reply to messages.


Test structure

The assessment itself lasts for three hours and comprises multiple choice questions. There are 11 sections, divided into two categories:

  1. Financial Knowledge and Aptitude
  2. Career Skills and Aptitude

You can only sit the assessment at institutions that are Bloomberg Partners, including LSBF. If you are taking one of our finance-related courses, you can take the test at no extra cost.

Show top employers that you have the skills, knowledge and attributes they need. After you complete the Bloomberg Assessment Test, you will be added to the Bloomberg Institution Talent Search, a tool which leading companies use to match candidates to vacancies.

This assessment could lead you to a lucrative career in a field such as:

  • Investment banking
  • Capital markets
  • Asset management
  • Financial modelling
  • Risk management

The test also allows you to compare yourself to your peers, and identify areas on which you need to focus to improve your professional profile.

It will demonstrate that you can successfully analyse and judge situations, understand advanced mathematics and comprehend written financial materials. These career skills will enhance your CV, particularly as they will have been verified by a respected industry influence such as Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Assessment Test is available free of charge to students on the following programmes:

Please contact us for further information regarding the Bloomberg Assessment Test, please contact us.

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