Our tutors come from a diverse range of industries, including: management, finance, marketing and legal. This means that no matter what kind of training you need, we can deliver it.

Below are the profiles of some tutors who regularly design and deliver our bespoke training programmes. For a more comprehensive list, contact one of our programme advisors today!

Emanuela Giangregorio

Emanuela has been delivering bespoke professional training, expert team-building and project consulting for over 14 years. She has trained employees from companies such as Rothchild, Agrega, Zurich Financial Services and MasterCard Worldwide.

In 2001 she established her own management consultancy, operating across the globe. Emanuela has a BSc degree in Computer Science and a first-class Honours degree in Applied Mathematics.

Profile Pic Emanuela Giangregorio

Tim O’Connor

Tim has worked in education, training and development for over thirty years since qualifying as a teacher at Durham University.
He has delivered training for a wide range of clients, including organisations within banking and finance, local government, the Home Office, the Metropolitan Police, business, further education, management, and many others. As well as working throughout the UK, he has delivered programmes for clients across Europe, India, Africa and the Middle East.

Over the years, Tim has authored texts on subjects including: leadership, recruitment, creative problem-solving, mentoring and coaching and many more. Recently, he has been advising at board level on executive succession for automotive companies in the UK and India.

Tim has also appeared as a consultant in a number of television programmes aimed at a business audience.

Tim Profile Pic 

Daryl Woodhouse

Daryl has many years of business experience behind him as well as a number of other achievements as a business advisor, performance coach, lecturer, trainer and author. In 2012, Daryl founded his own consulting and training company which has grown into an international award-winning group.

Daryl brings energy and practical learning to the classroom, along with a passion for helping others. 

 Profile Pic B Goode

Luke Minshall

In 2006, Luke founded Arimo Consulting, with a mission to energise and enable aspiring leaders to achieve fulfilling, high performance in current and future roles. Since then, he has built a network of business consultants who have created and delivered excellent leadership development solutions for clients around the world. His expertise includes strategic alignment of people and business, design of leadership development programmes, management of change communications and executive coaching. Luke's academic qualifications include a master’s degree in occupational psychology from Nottingham University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Anglia Ruskin University. Luke is a visiting lecturer for London School of Business and Finance, and a regular commentator with Leadership Forums.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Carlton Brown

Carlton is the owner of a successful washroom services business which he transformed from a small start-up to a company with a turnover of more than one million pounds. In addition, Carlton is a Member of the British Management Association (BAM), a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (FLISMM) and Member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Tahsin Ozalan

Tahsin has held many different positions, all of which have led him to be an experienced and qualified business and finance lecturer. Previous roles have included: director of studies, quality nominee and programme leader at various education college and financial journalist for the Dunya Newspaper in Turkey. In addition, Tahsin has participated in many consultancy and research projects.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Stephen Coe

Stephen has been teaching a wide range of courses to his clients for over 20 years including: Finance Modelling and Financial Planning and Analysis. His professional journey started with KPMG, which he joined after achieving his MA in Engineering at Cambridge University. After qualifying as a chartered accountant, Stephen provide financial modelling consulting to KPMG’s clients. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Nigel Wyatt

Nigel not only holds an honours degree from the University of Bradford Business School but is also a qualified management accountant. Since 1992, he has been the managing consultant of Magenta Financial Training, specialising in financial training and coaching. Nigel has more than 25 years of business experience which he brings into his teaching.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Mike Berry

Mike has a business and academic career that stretches more than 30 years. He has achieved both a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Social and Economic Studies from Imperial College, London. Mike has worked at P&G and held senior positions at Wunderman/Y&R, Euro RSCG (Havas) as well as Interpublic (IPG). 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Meena Jafferali

Meena initially started her career as a lawyer but changed her professional direction in 2001. Prior to teaching at LSBF, Meena worked as a finance director in a multi-million-pound textile firm where she oversaw the strategic finance direction of the organisation. She then started her own company, Cresco, which is a management and training consultancy. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Marialena Zinopoulou

Marialena holds the positions of CEO of The Digital Marketing Association as well as lecturer in Marketing Analytics for the MSc Marketing programme at Imperial College Business School, London. In addition, Marialena is a doctoral researcher at the University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering; her PhD focusses on the Internet of Things (IoT).

L Minshall Profile Pic 

James Graham

James have more than 35 years of experience in strategic management and has taught in the UK, the USA, Jordan and South Africa. He has worked as a line manager in a UK public company and as a management consultant in a ‘boutique’ IT strategy practice in London. Since 2003, James has run his own professional services company which focuses on management consulting and development. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

David Mellor

David has taught in a number of countries including: the UK, Germany, the USA, Israel and UEA. Prior to teaching, David spent 25 years as a senior executive at 2 of the world’s biggest banks, after which, he started his own consultancy in 2001. He is also a leading lecturer in entrepreneurial thinking and strategies at Cass Business School. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Val Sedounik

Val has more than 20 years of experience in industry and has worked in major sectors including: pharmaceuticals, technology, oil and gas, financial services, utilities, automotive and manufacturing. She has worked in countries such as Austria, Singapore and Japan, teaching executives and as a practitioner in strategic leadership and delivering global business innovation initiatives. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Ben Botes

Ben has a friendly, humorous and organised approach to teaching and delivering business outcomes. He has over 20 years of experience as a lecturer and business consultant which has enabled him to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues, develop a strong ability to present ideas and findings and build credibility and trust. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Andreia Areal

Andreia has a background in law and business; she also holds an MBA and had significant experience working in the non-profit, banking and UK legal sector. Andreia is a confident public speaker and an enthusiastic academic in business strategy, marketing and corporate social responsibility. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Ashih Gupta

Ashish has more than 15 years of experience in senior positions including the role of special constabulary of the London Metropolitan Police. In addition, Ashish is a CIPD qualified management consultant and an experienced trainer, lecturer and business operations management. As a passionate and driven individual, Ashish has lots of skills and knowledge to bring into the classroom.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Denis Lyons

Denis holds a number of qualifications including degrees in philosophy and law, a PGCE and a Diploma in teaching English to Adults. He has also worked for a variety of different firms as a training consultant. These include: Allen & Overy, BNP/Paribas and KPMG. This has allowed him to develop excellent knowledge and skills in teaching, particularly in the areas of business and law.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Naaguesh Appadu

Naaguesh graduated from the University of Mauritius and holds MScs in Investment, Finance and Research Methods. He also has a PhD in Finance from Middlesex University Business School. Currently, Naaguesh works as a research fellow in the M&A Research Centre and teaches the M&A for undergraduate level and summer school at Cass Business School. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Nigel Tomlinson

Nigel has a career that spans more than 30 years in international trade and corporate international investment. Currently, he holds the position of non-executive director/advisor and innovation specialist. Nigel has led many companies into success including the Sheffield Chamber which has won various awards including Excellence in International Trade (2006), under his leadership.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Priyangani Ariyawansha

Priyangani has over 15 years of experience in marketing with specialisms in marketing strategy, business management and leadership within the higher education sphere. Throughout her career, Priyangani has presented at international business conferences and executive training workshops and seminars. She also has an extensive publication record in peer-reviewed journals. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Vick Krishnan

Vick has a career that stretches more than 25 years in which he has worked as a barrister. He has significant experience in coaching/training as well as teaching experience in the public and private sector which has equipped him with an abundance of knowledge and skills he applies within his teaching. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Mike Hoffman

Mike Hoffman is an innovative customer-oriented big data and blockchain specialist and professional researcher passionate about delivering data-driven insights, courses, and products with a strong background in Agile, and a creative approach to tools and processes that uncover value in data. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Graham Mills De Pledge

Graham has 22 years of experience as a consultant in management leadership delivering training and development courses to managers at all levels. He is a lead trainer with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (ICPD) and a facilitator and qualified assessor for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Stephen Blanchette

With over 25 years of experience, Stephen is an accomplished brand and customer experience expert. In fact, he has helped companies worldwide to create high performance brands that drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and success. Stephen's experience include working as a brand planner for Vodafone, one of the biggest communications agencies in the world. Moreover, he has successfully trained and mentored 1000+ marketing professionals. Finally, he is co-author of the book Storytelling: Branding in Practice. 

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Ivana Tomic

Ivana Tomic is a Cyber Security and Internet of Things specialist and Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security with the Internet of Things and Security (ISEC) Group, University of Greenwich. Before joining the University of Greenwich, she was a Research Associate in the Computing Department at Imperial College London. Ivana received a PhD in Control Engineering from City, University of London in 2016. Since 2012 she has developed a portfolio of teaching and research activities which derive principally from her research experience in the areas of cyber-security, control engineering and wireless communication networks, and extensive industrial collaborations. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Marios Tsatsos

With over 10 years of experience, Marios is a data scientist by profession and a quantum scientist by training. He has taken part and presented original research work in over 20 international conferences and world-leading physics meetings and led multi-million research projects involving international teams and remote computational facilities in Europe’s top supercomputers. Beyond academia, he has worked as a data scientist for the Institute for Scientific Information of the “Web of Science” – the oldest data base for scholarly papers, patents and scientific documents. He has been a member of various professional bodies (American physical society, German physical society, European physical society) and also co-organized various international scientific events. Currently a freelance data consultant and developer he always enjoys making stories out of data and furthering his skills by continuous learning. He is also passionate about quantum machine learning, scientific communication, teaching and also jazz and experimental music.

L Minshall Profile Pic 

Jose Scheuer

José Scheuer is a true international who lived and worked in four European Countries. She has an MSc from ESCP Europe and worked for 10 years for NIVEA in brand management, trade marketing and international marketing. She has lectured at Quadriga (Berlin), the International School of Management (Hamburg), GGSB (Paris and London) and the Hanze University in the Netherlands in the subjects of Brand Management, Strategic Business Management, Cultural Competence, International Business and Leadership & Motivation.

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