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Improved careers advice needed for British teenagers, research finds

Improved careers advice needed for British teenagers, research finds

Recent research by City & Guilds has shown that British teenagers are unfamiliar with many high-paid job roles, which could have an impact on their career prospects.

The research, which surveyed 3,000 young people aged 14 to 19 across the UK, showed that they are familiar with less than one in five of 369 job roles listed by the government.


British teenagers were found to be unfamiliar with high-paid job roles such as IT manager, finance director, and flight engineer. This could result in employers being unable to locate the skilled workers that they require.

According to the research, some teenagers rely on their parents for receiving information on careers, which could limit the amount of jobs that they know about.


City & Guilds is now calling on the government to provide a “holistic new national careers advice model” for teenagers.

City & Guilds Managing Director Kirstie Donnelly said: “It’s clear from our findings that more needs to be done to give every young person in the UK the same advantages – whether they are living in London or Leeds.”

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