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Entrepreneurs are happier than full-time workers, according to research

Entrepreneurs are happier than full-time workers, according to research

Research from employee engagement company Personal Group has found that entrepreneurs in the UK feel happier and more motivated than people who work full-time.

The research surveyed 800 employees, including 124 self-employed workers, and found that over 60 per cent of those who are self-employed look forward to going to work.


The research found that self-employed workers feel more satisfied with their job, with 70 per cent saying that they are happy at work, whilst over 80 per cent said that they are proud of the work that they do.

Over 90 per cent of self-employed respondents said that they believe they are in a job that is worthwhile, compared to 76 per cent of those who are in a regular job.

Regular employees feel less satisfied with their job, with 48 per cent saying that they are not content. Front line staff were found to be the least satisfied, with 30 per cent not being happy with their nine-to-five hours.

Employees also revealed what they believe would help to improve satisfaction for staff employed by small businesses, with 35 per cent believing that low-level staff should receive more encouragement and support to help boost productivity and get them feeling more motivated.


Personal Group Chief Executive, Mark Scanlon, commented: “There is growing evidence of the connection that happy and engaged employees are more productive. This could explain why those who are self-employed seem to be happiest and why the UK entrepreneurial and start-up scene is so successful – these people unsurprisingly tend to feel more invested in the business outcome.”

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