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Data reveals search trends of UK jobseekers

Data reveals search trends of UK jobseekers

Research from job site Indeed has found people in the UK are the most active at the start of the week when it comes to job searching.

The research looked at the search patterns of millions of jobseekers across five European countries and found the most popular time for Britons to search for a job is Monday lunchtime.


Search activity in France and Belgium peaks around 11am, while 12pm was found to be the most popular time for Germans searching for a new job.

The weather was found to play a part in job search activity, with travel-related jobs and flexible work receiving higher interest during the summer months. The data showed a five-fold increase in searches for summer jobs, with roles at the Edinburgh and Reading festivals and zero-hour contracts being the most popular over the summer.


Commenting on the data, Indeed EMEA Economist Mariano Mamertino stated that the power of the internet has changed the way that we look for a new job and that with just a few keystrokes or taps on a mobile, it is possible to see millions of vacancies whenever we wish.

He said it’s striking that even with this freedom, Monday is universally the most popular for jobseekers to look for a new position.

He added this shows the emotional aspect of searching for a new role – just as the beginning of January is a popular time for people to think about changing their job, so too is the beginning of the week.

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