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Apprenticeships help plug digital skills gap, survey shows

Apprenticeships help plug digital skills gap, survey shows

More companies are using apprenticeships to plug the digital skills gap, according to a survey from Tech Partnership.

Research from the cyber skills charity showed that there is a growing demand for digital skills, with companies struggling to fill tech and digital roles.


The study showed that 47 per cent of businesses say that they have struggled in recruiting for tech and digital roles, and more companies are introducing apprenticeships to tackle the skills gap.

Over 70 per cent of businesses are already running apprenticeship programmes, whilst 83 per cent expect to use apprentices to fill new roles.

Eighty per cent of businesses are planning to increase tech and digital roles in their company in the next 24 months.


Efforts to promote the benefits of apprenticeships and raise awareness of the digital trailblazer standards have been successful, with over 60 per cent of businesses hearing about them.

According to the research, “employers believe that apprentices bring new energy and enthusiasm to their businesses, and that they help them adopt relevant skills more quickly”. Those who are offering apprenticeships are “embraced for increasing diversity among the workforce, and for improving the company’s image to the local community.”

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