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Online business education guide launched for UK SMEs

Online business education guide launched for UK SMEs

Business valuation expert Company Valuation Services (CVS) has launched an online guide to help UK businesses learn how to increase their potential.

The online guide offers expert advice and guidance for UK businesses to help them boost the value of their company in 12 months.


Product knowledge, advice on target markets and finding Unique Selling Points are amongst the topics covered in the guide.

The guide comes after a recent American Express Global SME Pulse survey showed that SMEs in the UK are optimistic about the financial performance of their business in the future.

According to the research, 50 per cent of SMEs in the UK are expecting revenue growth of 4 per cent, making it an ideal time for business owners to start increasing the value of their business.

The report also showed that 2017 is set to be a strong year for mergers and acquisitions.


CVS Marketing Manager Gary Edwards said: “Strong growth in the acquisitions sector may be predicted in 2017, but those selling should do everything in their power to bring in a value even higher than the market norm.”

He added: “The research shows that, as a nation, we are very optimistic about growth and our financial performance. We want businesses to do all they can to help realise these possibilities.”

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