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Cambridge to tackle skills gap with Step Up project

Cambridge to tackle skills gap with Step Up project

Two groups in Cambridge have teamed up to form a new project that will help to tackle the skills gap in the city.

Whilst the city’s economy is growing fast, businesses have said that they are facing the challenge of attracting employees with the right skills. Young people are investing in higher education but are unsure of what their employment opportunities will be.

There is also the problem of some young people lacking inspiration and direction, which increases the risk of being unable to find employment.


This issue is now being tackled by two groups who are aiming to provide young people with more opportunities to build up their skills and find employment.

Form the Future, a group that was formed in December, had been focusing on helping students take the step from education into work, whilst business group Cambridge Ahead had been helping to promote opportunities for young people to gain work experience and internships.

The two groups have now teamed up to create a project called “Step Up” to help boost links between businesses and schools. The project will enable businesses to offer opportunities for schools and students by holding job fairs and providing work experience. Students can also request speakers, work placements and site visits.


Cambridge Ahead CEO Jane Paterson-Todd said: “Many employers in Cambridge struggle to recruit young people with the right skills, and the skills shortage can act as a brake on business growth.”

She added that Step Up will provide the two groups with the platform to increase connections between schools and businesses so that they can help young people to explore the opportunities available to them.

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