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Global MBA – Programme Structure

The Global MBA is a comprehensive, industry-relevant degree programme designed to take your career to the next level. Structured to reflect the needs of modern international business, it develops a blend of academic excellence and professional skills, giving you a highly marketable skills set and the means to excel in strategic level positions.

The structure includes four core modules and two specialisation modules prior to the final dissertation, allowing you to tailor the course to suit your needs.

Stage I Marketing and Business Environment
Accounting and Managerial Finance
Systems and Operations Management
Research Methods
Stage II Strategic Management and Leadership
Specialisation Module I **
Specialisation Module II **
Research Methods
Stage III Dissertation

**See below for elective specialisation modules. All specialisations are available, subject to student demand.

The Global MBA programme has been designed by London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) and is validated and awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

Core Modules

Marketing and Business Environment

Learn how to interpret and develop marketing strategies in the current and future business environment. You will study the internationalisation of business and marketing strategy, taking into consideration current trends from the marketplace.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the principles of marketing
  • Summarise and critically assess the key factors affecting business performance in international markets
  • Appraise the impact of emerging issues on international marketing activities
  • Analyse and synthesise the different elements of the marketing mix and the role of these elements in achieving marketing objectives
  • Evaluate the response of an organisation to global external forces

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.

Accounting and Managerial Finance

Understand the importance of investment and financial decisions in creating and capturing value for businesses, as well as in obtaining sustainable competitive advantages. You will learn how to analyse financial statements and corporate finance structure, examine the means used by companies to raise finance and manage financial risk. Graduating with the ability to maximise corporate value and minimise financial risk, you can look forward to an influential role in management.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Summarise key principles, trends and tools in accounting and corporate finance
  • Demonstrate effective approaches to the analysis of corporate finance structure and corporate financial statements, using applicable tools and techniques
  • Assess the practical application of models and theories to decisions on corporate financing
  • Critically evaluate the economic benefits of various types of financing
  • Use internal and external financial information to appraise business performance

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.

Systems and Operations Management

Enhance your understanding of information management issues affecting modern businesses, and learn how various systems can help to ensure efficiency. You will discover how organisations can gain a competitive edge through good supply chain design and effective use of ICT. The knowledge and skills you acquire during the modules will prove crucial in your future management career.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Critically appraise ways in which the operations and information systems functions contribute to an organisation’s competitiveness and strategic direction
  • Evaluate the key factors in the competitive advantage versus necessary cost debate
  • Synthesise and examine complex information on IT related issues
  • Identify and justify the information required to implement effective operational decisions, with particular reference to change management
  • Describe and critically assess organisations – from systems, information and business process perspectives

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.

Strategic Management and Leadership

This module explores how strategy is formed and how it impacts upon businesses, as well as the importance of strategic management. You will be introduced to concepts, frameworks and practices in strategic management, in addition to leadership methods. Everything you learn will help you to excel in middle or senior level management.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate current strategic management tools, techniques and concepts
  • Analyse the strategic planning process
  • Critically examine the complexity of the environment and its implications in the decision-making process
  • Apply and appraise strategic approaches to practical situations in various types of organisation
  • Assess current developments in the organisational environment and alternative responses related strategy

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.

Specialisations and Elective Modules
Global MBA
  • Any combination of 2 MBA specialisation modules
Global MBA (Financial Management)
  • Advanced Corporate Reporting
  • Performance Management and Control
Global MBA (Investment Banking)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • M&A and Private Equity
Global MBA (Marketing Management)
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing Communications
Global MBA (HR Management)
  • Human Capital Management
  • Cross-Cultural Management
Global MBA (Project Management)
  • Project Management and Leadership
  • Cross-Cultural Management
Global MBA (Sales Management)
  • Global Customer Relationship Management
  • International Strategic Sales Management
Global MBA (Risk Management)
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics
  • Enterprise Risk Management
Global MBA (International Business)
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Cross-Cultural Management
Global MBA (Entrepreneurship)
  • Entrepreneurial Business Management
  • Innovation and Product Development
Global MBA (Carbon Management)
  • Project Management and Leadership
  • Carbon Management and Entrepreneurship
Global MBA (Management Consulting)
  • Management Consultant Toolkit
  • Cross-Cultural Management
Global MBA (Oil, Gas and Energy Management)
  • Contemporary Issues in Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Carbon Management and Entrepreneurship
Global MBA (Innovation and Technology Management)
  • Strategic Technology Management
  • Innovation and Product Development
Global MBA (Hospitality, Sport and Leisure Management)
  • Strategic Hospitality, Sport and Leisure Management
  • Global Marketing Management
Global MBA (Luxury Brand Management)
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Global Marketing Management
Global MBA (Knowledge Management)
  • Strategic Technology Management
  • Knowledge and Information Management
Global MBA (Islamic Finance and Banking)
  • Fundamentals of Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Banking Operations

  • UK undergraduate degree (any class) or equivalent – any subject area
  • English requirements: 5.5 IELTS (5.5 in all bands)
  • No work experience required (but is considered an asset)

Students who fail to meet academic requirements can be assessed on their relevant work experience (5 years management experience minimum for mature study route)

Start Dates

  • February, June, September

Campuses available

  • London, Birmingham, Manchester, Online

Study Modes:

  • Full-time 15 months (12 months on campus, 3 months online dissertation)
  • Part-time 24 months (12-24 months on campus, 3-6 months online dissertation)
  • Online 15-36 months (100% online with optional blended study on campus)


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