“Our partners share our ethos of leadership and excellence in business. Together we champion LSBF as a first choice destination for students.”

Aaron Etingen, CEO, LSBF



Since being founded in 1996, Edexcel has grown to become the UK's largest awarding body – by setting a high standard across the creation and delivery of its courses.

As an approved Edexcel centre of assessment and teaching, the London School of Business and Finance allows you to enjoy the quality and recognition Edexcel programmes provide.

A cornerstone of UK education

Schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK's educational system recognise Edexcel as a mark of excellence. Many employers also choose to train their staff to meet the latest industry requirements using Edexcel programmes.

Global recognition

As part of the world's foremost learning organisation (Pearson), Edexcel is an established sign of quality all over the world. This means that earning a qualification from Edexcel can open doors for you globally.

Exceptional standards

Edexcel sets extremely high standards for its partners – leading to consistently high teaching methods and assessment techniques across Edexcel courses. It pioneers the use of new technologies in the examination process and audits its partners many times throughout the year.

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