Digital Marketing and Social Media
Digital Marketing and Social Media

MA in Strategic Marketing (Digital Marketing and Social Media)

The world is now online. This has made digital marketing channels and social media the most widespread, interactive and essential of all modern marketing tools. Any effective marketing campaign will include them in its strategy.

This programme bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the field. You will learn to harness online communication resources and develop strategies to maximum effect. Special emphasis is also placed on applying these techniques at an international level – equipping you for today’s global marketplace.

Qualification: MA in Strategic Marketing
Duration*: Online 18-36 months
Start dates*: April, July, October
Campus available*: Online
Fees: Click for fees
  • UK undergraduate degree (any class) or equivalent – any subject areas
  • English Levels 5.5 IELTS (5.5 in all bands)*
  • No working experience is required, but it is considered an advantage

Students who fail to meet academic requirements can be assessed on their relevant work experience (5 years management experience minimum for mature study route)

*Don’t have the IELTS required? Get the IELTS preparation you need with The Language Gallery.

Stage I Strategic Marketing Management (15 credits)
Marketing Communications (15 credits)
Consumer Behaviour and Research (15 credits)
Stage II Digital Marketing Communications(20 credits)
Internet Marketing Management (20 credits)
Social Media Communications (20 credits)
Research Methods
Stage III Online Dissertation and Research Methods (30 credits)

This online MA in Strategic Marketing programme has been designed by London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) and is validated and awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

Specialisation Modules


In this module you will gain extensive expertise in the application of modern marketing’s most powerful tool – online and digital marketing.

Develop your knowledge of communication strategies and the elements of law relevant to digital media. You will also examine search engine methodology to get an understanding of how they work and what they look for.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Inspect the principal approaches to internet marketing and e-promotion from a critical perspective.
  • Analyse effective strategies, tools and development approaches for digital marketing.
  • Appraise the relationship between effective digital marketing communications and successful public relations management.
  • Evaluate the current internet and digital marketing communications practices in a global organisation, and identify and consider suggestions for their improvement.
  • Analyse developments in new media, evaluating possible impact on an organisation’s internet and digital marketing strategies.

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.


The internet has revolutionised marketing practice, changing the game for good. This module forms the link between theory and practice by constantly referring to the latest case studies in digital and internet marketing.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  1. Critically examine the principal approaches to internet marketing management and customer/client acquisition in the modern marketing era.
  2. Identify and scrutinise effective internet marketing strategies, tools and development approaches for Internet marketing campaigns.
  3. Assess the relationship between effective internet marketing campaigns and firm performance and brand awareness.
  4. Evaluate  the current internet marketing best practices in a global organisation and identify and critically appraise suggestions for improvement of these practices
  5. Analyse current developments in Internet marketing and evaluate their potential impact on the Internet marketing strategies of a chosen organisation.

 Learn more about the course assessment strategy.


Current use of social networks in marketing activities is only the tip of the iceberg, with new tools and faster means of acquiring customers constantly being developed. This module develops your ability to provide detailed analysis of current organisations’ social media strategies.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Examine the primary social media marketing strategies from a critical perspective.
  • Identify and analyse effective social media marketing strategies, tools and development approaches for building brand awareness, increasing market share and entering new markets.
  • Scrutinise the relationship between the design, deployment and implementation of social media marketing strategies.
  • Evaluate the current social media marketing best practice at a global level, and identify ways to increase performances.
  • Examine current developments in social media to evaluate their potential impact on the marketing strategies of a chosen organisation.

Learn more about the course assessment strategy.

**All specialisations are subject to student demand

Career Direction:

The course is key to keeping you at the forefront of modern marketing practice. It provides the skills to implement and manage effective social media and digital marketing campaigns around the world. You will be fully prepared to apply your new media skills in a top level marketing position or progress to entrepreneurship.

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Digital Marketing and Social Media

"Theories I have learned at LSBF…have given me a solid understanding of marketing in the digital environment that is proving invaluable."

Christiaan Heemskerk
Business Acquisition Manager, Google
MA in Strategic Marketing Graduate