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MBA and Management Programmes

Designed for future entrepreneurs and business leaders, the LSBF Postgraduate Management Portfolio has a wide variety of programme options to choose from. With a range of specialist pathways available, students have the opportunity to design a bespoke management programme that is ideally suited to their needs.


The CUC MBA programme, designed and awarded by Concordia University Chicago and delivered by LSBF, is a practical business qualification that approaches contemporary business challenges from an ethical perspective. This programme will allow you to gain a U.S. degree whilst studying in London, and you will graduate with a unique analytical viewpoint which will differentiate you in the eyes of the world’s foremost employers.

Global MBA

The Global MBA, designed by LSBF, is validated and awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. This MBA programme is structured to give you a broad comprehension of the most important concepts in management with an international perspective, but it also offers the flexibility to tailor your course to your needs. A range of specialisations allow you to synchronise your business degree to your existing career path giving you a finely tuned, unique business qualification.


The GGSB MBA programme is a prestigious business qualification delivered in partnership with Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB) – one of the most highly regarded business schools in the world. The course is specifically designed for high achieving individuals. It ensures graduates can take the next major step along their career path with a degree from the triple-accredited GGSB.


The MIB (Master in International Business) is a high-quality business academic programme, structured from an international perspective in partnership with Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB). The course centres on relevant and up-to date core management skills with cross-functional approaches to fulfil the demand for first-class international and global.


The course is the result of collaboration between the School of Fashion and Design London (SFD London) and the triple-accredited Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB). It gives you the chance to study in both Italy and France: 2 important centres of the fashion world.

MA Fashion Retail and Luxury Management

The MA Fashion, Retail and Luxury Management, designed by LCCA, is validated and awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. Students will work on the different aspects of the marketing management: from the Fashion System analysis to the study of the fashion marketing and communication techniques; from the detailed analysis of the brand management to the knowledge of the distribution scenario.

MA International Hospitality and Event Management

The MA International Hospitality and Event Management, designed by LCCA, is validated and awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. This course will help you develop an advanced understanding of both the Hospitality and Events industries, as well as teaching effective strategies on how to run these operations. On completion of the programme you will have developed an analytical, strategic insight into these industries.

Dual Programmes

While our Management Programmes are designed to give graduates a holistic overview of the core concepts of management, a professional qualification, whether ACCA, CIMA or CFA®, will build the hands-on skills that you need to get ahead in the modern international market. Dual Programmes blend academic excellence with professional skills, offering more than just a qualification and raising your profile with employers.

Online Global MBA

The Online Global MBA programme is structured to respond to the needs of the modern international marketplace with a blend of the academic and practical skills you need to excel in strategic decision-making roles. The Online Global MBA has been designed by LSBF and is validated and awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

MBA Distance Learning
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"I enjoyed the international scope of the MBA, which taught me to view businesses and companies from a global perspective"

Luis Fernando Arrazola
City Manager at Groupon
MBA Graduate

“Doing an MBA gives you lifelong benefits. The skills you learn will increase your employability and most importantly, make you stand out from other candidates”

Kenneth Sule-Ejeh
Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase
MBA Graduate
United Kingdom