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We aim to constantly improve student life at LSBF, and we require our students' active involvement and contribution to do this. Our Student Association (SA) is run by students, for students, to enable them to fully enjoy their education and gain as much as they can from it.

LSBF SA aims to represent, promote and protect the interests of all students at LSBF, acting as their voice and getting their opinions heard. Additionally, it aims to support all aspects of student life, in order to create a productive, positive and well-rounded student experience. The association represents LSBF students both locally and nationally, organising services, activities and events to meet student's needs.

Social activities, which give students the chance to meet their peers and share their extracurricular interests outside the classroom, are an integral part of the association. SA initiatives also allow students to shape their experience and to grow, personally and professionally.

How do students join LSBF SA?

Membership is free and automatic upon enrolment, so students can take advantage of the activities and services offered simply by turning up. Students can become more involved, and make a real difference, by taking an active role in the Student Association Committee. Those who want to have a key role should contact us for further details.

LSBF SA is designed to meet the needs of all LSBF students, in whatever way it can, continuing our commitment to encouraging and nurturing future generations of business leaders. LSBF SA is just the next step in this ongoing process.

Need more information on LSBF SA?

We are proud to announce that the LSBF SA website will soon be live, so watch this space for some exciting news!

Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments - or simply want to get involved?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you:

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