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LSBF Scholarships

We are dedicated to ensuring more of the best and brightest individuals from around the world can benefit from a first-class education. That's why we have a number of scholarships especially created to offer greater opportunities to ambitious individuals from many different walks of life, and from right around the world.

LSBF also offers the Springboard Scholarship, guaranteeing no tuition fees unless your salary increases by 50% in the 2 years after graduation. This innovative opportunity is available to postgraduate students from the UK, European Union, Brazil, Russia, India or China.

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LSBF scholarships are only available to students applying for an LSBF undergraduate or postgraduate programme.

To apply, choose your scholarship and then email the completed corresponding application form to your programme consultant or Please also include:

  1. A copy of your most current CV.
  2. Any relevant supporting documents to strengthen your application (e.g. job references, tutor references, transcripts). All references and any supporting documentation must be sent as part of your full application, nothing submitted separately will be considered.

Scholarships are awarded according to various criteria, including academic merit and the socio-economic status of a student. The amount awarded is at LSBF’s discretion.


HRH Emerging Markets Scholarship (Patron's Scholarship)
Principal's Scholarship for Entrepreneurship
Vice Rector's Scholarship for Academic Excellence
LSBF Women in Business Scholarship
Oracle Capital Group Scholarship
Alumni Fund Scholarship for Student Diversity
Family Scholarship
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Choose your scholarship and then email the completed corresponding application form to your programme consultant or

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