August 03 ,2016 | by Thiago Kiwi

KPMG to speed up recruitment process for graduates

KPMG to speed up recruitment

Accountancy firm KPMG is moving on from its multistage interview process after research showed that graduates are frustrated by lengthy interview processes.

The company made the decision after collaborating with market research company High Fliers Research to survey over 400 people who have recently graduated from university.


The study found that graduates could opt out of traditional job schemes because of lengthy interview processes, choosing to work for companies with simpler and faster recruitment processes instead.

After in-depth discussions with new and prospective graduates, KPMG is now introducing a more streamlined system called Launch Pad.

This new system combines the first interview, assessment centre stage, and final interview into a single day.


KPMG Midlands Regional Chairman Mike Steventon said: “Millennials don’t want to navigate a cumbersome and convoluted recruitment process when applying for a job and this is something we as business leaders need to understand and address.”

He described the feedback that the company has received from graduates as “hard-hitting but really useful”, adding that the company is now using it to overhaul how it recruits. 

Thiago Kiwi

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