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Report indicates more small businesses moving outside London

Report indicates more small businesses moving outside London

Research from Trainline suggests that more businesses are choosing to be based outside of London, taking advantage of lower costs and increased mobility and interconnectivity between locations.

The research also found that small and medium-sized business rail travel to hubs outside of London has increased by up to 65 per cent since 2012, with Brighton having seen the biggest growth at 230 per cent.


The other cities that were found to have experienced the biggest growth in small business rail travel were Swindon at 183 per cent, Oxford at 182 per cent, Peterborough at 166 per cent and Northampton at 130 per cent.

Leamington Spa and Bristol also saw an increase in small business rail travel, with a growth of 121 per cent and 110 per cent respectively.

Trainline’s research comes after recent research from Virgin Trains showed that 60 per cent of workers in the UK find it easier to work on a train than a plane or bus, leading to the company launching a one-off business clinic competition on board a train, which five start-ups will participate in on 27 October.


Commenting on the research, Trainline General Manager Business and Ancillary, Sophie Krishnan, said: “We’ve seen notable growth in small business travel nationally and some areas in particular are experiencing high levels of activity, pointing to the fact that more and more of these businesses are choosing to be based outside of London.”

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