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Experience Virtual Reality with LSBF Online

Students who are newly enrolled on our online Global MBA, Master in Finance and Investments, Dual Master in Finance and Investments, and Dual Master in Strategic Marketing programmes will now receive a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) headset to augment their studies, completely free of charge. ACCA students who enrol on the MBA/Master top-up programmes are also eligible for the headset.

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Your complimentary headset will arrive pre-installed with a virtual reality public speaking practice session, to which you'll have unlimited access. This is a fully immersive VR experience, making you feel as if you're standing on stage in a live setting and helping you refine your presentation skills and speech-making abilities with automated grading at the end of your performance. You can further refine your presentation skills with an optional module which comes free with your programme, The Art of Presentation and Public Speaking Skills. 

It’s not a skill that comes easily for everybody, but the ability to speak publicly and deliver effective presentations is essential when launching projects and campaigns. Finding a way to explain ideas clearly and persuasively is something that’s important in a wide variety of professions.

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With this free, entirely optional module, you’ll learn to:

  • Handle the pressure and anxiety of presenting to an audience
  • Control your speaking voice and how you react to audience feedback
  • Maximise your impact by understanding audience reactions
  • Upload your presentations and test yourself in this experiential setting


You’ll develop your speaking skills step-by-step in this programme lead by experienced performing artists. The content is suitable for those pursuing careers in mid-level or senior management, entrepreneurial, and business speaker roles. Making full use of dynamic videos and audio extracts, infographics, flash cards and case study scenarios, students will learn to identify and incorporate technical presentation skills, and overcome obstacles such as stage fright.

On completion of the course, you’ll receive an LSBF Certificate in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

This VR practice mode allows both beginners and more advanced public speakers to hone their delivery, react with composure to the audience, and rehearse their notes - all in an immersive environment free from distractions.

The software is designed to provide students with the chance to strengthen their presentations and speeches by measuring speed, volume, intonation, and audience engagement. It is included to help desensitise you to the process of presenting publicly, immersing you in the environment in order to build your skills more effectively.

The free practice session included on the headset is entirely optional, and is not grade-bearing. You will be able to practice with this session as much as you feel you need, and can continue to do so after your course has finished.

By providing each student with a complimentary VR headset, we aim to make the most of the technology to create a fuller educational experience, and see this as the first step to bringing the full capability of virtual reality into your LSBF online classroom.

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