Global Financial Markets
Global Financial Markets

Global Financial Markets

Accreditation: CPD - Continuing Professional Development
Duration: 30 hours
Campus: London
Intake Dates: September
Tuition Fees: £1,250
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This module will explore the key features and functions of financial markets along with the institutions that serve these markets. It will compare and contrast equities, debt, money, currency and investment fund markets as well as analysing these individual sectors and assessing the interaction between them. It will also examine the global central banking system, its integration with the investment market industry and how it affects economic conditions.

Course Structure

Learning Objectives

  • Critically analyse the functions of different financial institutions, both buy-side and sell-side
  • Evaluate the structure of the global banking system and the tools available to manage the economy
  • Interpret and analyse current events within the financial press
  • Articulate the purpose of financial markets and the relationship between asset classes

Module Contents

  • Introduction to Financial Markets - Financial institutions & their functions within global markets
  • Macroeconomics - Interest rates, inflation, GDP, monetary and fiscal policy
  • Foreign Exchange Markets - Spot and forward rates, jargon, and drivers of exchange rates
  • Fixed Income Markets - Mechanics of primary and secondary fixed income markets, government and corporate bonds, types of debt and yield curves
  • Equity Markets - Stock market mechanics and equity valuation methods
  • Derivatives – Pricing and applications of futures, forwards and options


Entry Requirements
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