How to manage your money
How to manage your money

How to Manage your Money

Mode of attendance  On-campus 
Duration: 2 Days
Fees: £599
Intake Dates: Every month

This is a two-day course that will teach participants various way to manage their money and the benefits you can gain from this.

Whether you’re searching for the next best thing to invest in, seeking advice on estate management, need a valuation for your firm or simply wish to get ready for retirement planning, London School of Business and Finance will provide you with all the financial tools you need. 

Our tutors are renowned within this field and only teach contemporary knowledge to ensure that you reach your financial goals. Equity investment, wealth management, tax planning so you get the most out of your investments, fund management, offshore assets and building a portfolio are just some of the things covered on this programme.

At different times of your life, you need to make your money work in different ways and there are various investment styles that we’ll teach you about, as well as the work of different financial professionals, so you can get the most accurate information.

You will also learn how to implement recommended financial management techniques and how to manage the risks that come with this.

Sign up for the course today and study with us in the heart of central London. We provide a real trading platform so you can gain skills under realistic conditions. Lecturers will also incorporate case studies within classes to enhance the learning experience and make it more interactive.

Upon successful course completion, you’ll be much more confident in your handling of finances and will gain new skills to help amplify your income greatly.

Whatever your investment goals, the London Academy of Trading will help get you there. 

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