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Marios Tsatsos


Big Data, Data Science and Blockchain specialist

Marios Tsatsos 002 107X107

With over 10 years of experience, Marios is a data scientist by profession and a quantum scientist by training. He has taken part and presented original research work in over 20 international conferences and world-leading physics meetings and led multi-million research projects involving international teams and remote computational facilities in Europe’s top supercomputers. Beyond academia, he has worked as a data scientist for the Institute for Scientific Information of the “Web of Science” – the oldest data base for scholarly papers, patents and scientific documents. He has been a member of various professional bodies (American physical society, German physical society, European physical society) and also co-organized various international scientific events. Currently a freelance data consultant and developer he always enjoys making stories out of data and furthering his skills by continuous learning. He is also passionate about quantum machine learning, scientific communication, teaching and also jazz and experimental music.

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