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‘Your Future in Accountancy’ Conference

Why should you attend to the LSBF Conference

London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) is delighted to announce that we will be holding an accountancy conference on Saturday 8 February. SIGN UP HERE

Why should I attend?

The conference will be a perfect opportunity for those considering a future within this fast-paced sector. It’ll also be useful for those who already work in the field but are contemplating their next steps.

On the day, we’ll have industry experts from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) to discuss how the sector is expected to change in the future as well as the current state of the global jobs market. We’ll provide you with knowledge and data regarding your accountancy specialism, as well as insight into both domestic and international hot topics within the field, so you’re up-to-date and prepared for what the future holds.

What will I learn?

We’ve also invited former and current LSBF students to help you understand what life as an accountant is really like. They’ll share their personal experiences about their decision-making process regarding where to study, how the exam experience was as well as the job search they undertook.

LSBF academic advisors will also be at hand to answer all your questions, discuss necessary qualifications and explain what employers expect from accountants; we’re here to help you figure out the best way to enhance your career and establish which course is the best for you to take.

If you’re a budding accountant as well as an environmentalist, you’ll enjoy the talk on how accountants can help save the planet and turn the world ‘green.’ It’s common knowledge within the field that in order to sustain the planet, the global economic model must change, and this is where accountants will play an important role.

Who will I hear from?

The speakers we have invited include Rob Sowerby, Director of Professional Courses at LSBF. Rob has more than two decades of global industry experience and is renowned for his entertaining and motivational teaching style. Previously, Rob worked as a Management Accountant and Financial Analyst and has been part of LSBF for more than 11 years now.

Claire Bennison, Head of ACCA UK, will also be present at the conference. Claire has been in her current role for over eight years and previously worked for technology giant Ericsson, and the hospitality firm, Whitbread.

Other speakers include Tyson Nsimbe, Accountant at FairFX PLC and guests from Hays, a global recruitment and HR firm.

We also have the pleasure to have Professor Richard Murphy, whose recent work has looked at how accountants can ‘help’ with climate change. He directs the Corporate Accountability Network (CAN), which is calling for a mandatory approach to climate change accounting. Murphy is also a co-founder of the Green New Deal. 

The conference will also be a great platform to mingle with sector pioneers and boost your professional connections. Whether you’re looking to make your next career move or simply wish to seek advice and get some inspiration from industry leaders, reaching out to people at the conference is the best way to go about this.

LSBF will provide an exclusive PQ discount code to help you progress in your career, as a thank you to all attendees. You will also get our goodie bag filled with LSBF stationery.

Join us at the conference to kick-start your flourishing career! It’s completely free to attend and you can book your slot here!



8th February 2020


10.00 am to 2.10 pm


LSBF, 2 Bunhill Row, London



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