June 30 ,2017 | by LSBF Blog Staff

What is a marketing degree?

A marketing degree

A marketing degree is an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification that explores a wide range of topics, such as market research, marketing strategy, consumer behaviour, advertising, and public relations.

You may also learn about pricing strategies, branding, and product development.

To succeed in marketing it’s important to have a broad range of skills, perhaps most importantly strong communication. You will need to effectively convey concepts, ideas, services, and products to the people you work with as well as consumers.

IT skills will play an equally important role in your marketing degree and future career, as the majority of business strategies are geared toward online marketing campaigns that rely heavily on the digital world (e.g. social media platforms).

As a marketer, you’ll also need to know how to present data using technology. There are degrees that solely explore online marketing, which are available to those particularly interested in technology and digital marketing strategy.

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