November 13 ,2013 | by LSBF Blog Staff

VIDEO: LSBF’s Springboard Scholarship Aims To Groom Business Leaders Of The Future

LSBF recently launched the Springboard Scholarship scheme to give 50 students a chance to freeze their course fees for two years. Professor Maurits Van Rooijen speaks to us about why this presents an incredible opportunity to students.



The ground-breaking scheme means LSBF students – where MSc, MIB and MBA and courses are validated by the University of Lincoln and also awarded by Grenoble Graduate School of Business – won’t start paying course costs of up to £20,000 until they get their foot on the career ladder and their salary increases by 50%.

The offer is available to all UK and EU students, as well as students from the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) economies.

Read more about LSBF’s Springboard Scholarship here -

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